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Why was the Name and Shame set up?

In 2015 Parliament passed legislation enabling the Fines Recovery Unit to publish the names of individuals and businesses who owe $10,000 or more.  It is anticipated that this new sanction will encourage fine defaulters to contact the FRU who can assist in reducing what is owed by taking payments and/or discussing payment plans.

Why was the Fines Recovery Unit set up?

The creation of the Fines Recovery Unit resulted from an extensive enquiry by the Northern Territory Government into the fines process and recovery of debt. The new scheme is based on Australian Best Practice and its main objective is to provide a cost efficient recovery service and ensure that Court imposed fines and infringement notices are complied with.

In accordance with the Fines and Penalties (Recovery) Act 2001, the Fines Recovery Unit (FRU) commenced operations on 2 January 2002. The FRU manages all aspects of fine recovery including the taking of payments, the making of time to pay arrangements and providing information to the public about the enforcement when no other solution can be found. These enforcement orders range from licence and registration suspension through to civil enforcement and community work orders.

The FRU offers a case-managed debt recovery system, focused on assisting clients to manage their financial obligations to the Territory.

To take advantage of this and not incur any further penalties you can contact the FRU and enter an agreement today or you can pay at the following locations or methods:

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Payment Methods Include:


With BPay, you can pay your bills directly from your bank account, over the phone or on the Internet.

Please note the following :

You will need to contact your bank to arrange access to their telephone or Internet banking services if you have not already done so.

ANZ | CBA | NAB | St.George | Bank SA | Westpac | Bankwest

Online Payments

Click on the link below to make an online payment. Clicking this link will launch a new page.
Pay Online Here


If you receive a Centrelink payment you can arrange to have instalments deducted from those payments and paid to the Fines Recovery Unit. Please contact the Fines Recovery Unit to make arrangements.

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Your fine can be paid utilising EFTPOS facilities at any Court House in the NT, Australia Post or the Fines Recovey Unit.

Cheque or Money Order

You can pay your fine by cheque or money through Australia Post. Cheques will be accepted by any Court House and remote Police Station in the NT as well as the Fines Recovery Unit.

Cash or Credit Card

You can pay your fine by cash or credit card at any Court House in the NT, Australia Post or the Fines Recovey Unit.

NTPS Payroll Deduction

If you are a Northern Territory Government employee, you may consider paying your fine through payroll deductions. For more information on 'time to pay' arrangements and payroll deduction options, contact a client service officer at the Fines Recovery Unit on Freecall 1800 111 530 or

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